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Sworn translations
By expert translators registered with the courts
Certified, authenticated translations
to have legal value overseas
Scientific and medical translations
experts at your service
Translations of contracts
accurate, precise terminology
Translations of manuals
translators with several years' experience
Traslation of certificates and documents
with the guarantee of compliance
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We translate your goals to results

Italian ⥦ English ⥦ French ⥦ Spanish ⥦ German ⥦ ...

We collaborate with the most important legal studios, embassies and ministries

Business translations are the heart of success of a company on the international market.

A staff of professionals with solid know-how and specific knowledge

On international conferences, it is important to rely on fully trusted professionals.

Highly specialised team of translators, so as to guarantee our clients the best legal translations.

A staff of linguistic experts in the field of medicine in order to supply the best medical translations

Executive Service

Today, one need not go far to extend the borders of one’s business. For over 20 years, close to companies and professionals, Executive Service Traduzioni has been offering full-scale translation support, assistance and services, by placing a vast network of mother-tongue translators and interpreters at the disposal of its customersProfessional people with exceptional linguistic skills and specific cultural and sectoral backgrounds, who are able to confront and translate texts or speeches from every special field and sector quickly, confidently and accurately deal with and translate texts or speeches from every field and sector, regardless of its being a legal document, company presentation, scientific publication, technical manual, advertising message or strategic marketing plan.