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The importance of a professional translation

When looking for a translator, one is not simply looking for someone who speaks English, French, Spanish or any other language one requires. Even though such a person may be fluent in that language and able to write it equally well, these skills are not enough to guarantee top level results. In order to be competitive and develop one’s business, in order to address one’s customers’ requirements, or to enter new markets, it is essential to be able to rely on a professional translation service.

What does this mean? It means having the certainty of entrusting the job to expert, native speaker translators who, besides knowing the language and having the relevant certifications, are also expert in a specific field. Do you deal with interior design? Do you address technical and scientific topics? Are you a literature expert? In what field do you work? It is important to find someone who is not only fluent in some European and Asian languages, they should also have specific knowledge of various product sectors that may be interesting for the client in a professional way.

The Executive Service translation service can guarantee this. Executive Service becomes your single contact point and consults its own team of translators to guarantee the best service in the shortest time. Your contact shall update you regularly, also by phone, on the status of your jobs, shall address any doubts or requests and shall be available by e-mail without the client having to go to the company’s offices in Milan or in other locations.

professional service for professionals, designed for people who are always busy, but wish to provide always the best performance for themselves and for their clients.

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