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We collaborate with the most important legal studios, embassies and ministries

Sworn Translations

Sworn translations (or affirmations or declarations) are translations rendered official through swearing before the court, justice of the peace or notary public. This procedure is required for presenting any type of documentation to national or foreign authorities.
Among those documents that may require sworn translations, the most frequent are: circulation, patents, certificates for legalising the status of foreigners, educational qualifications, wills and Notarial acts.

Executive Service Traduzioni collaborates with the most important legal studios, embassies and ministries, all of which require sworn translations related to mergers, purchases, intellectual property, labour rights, negotiations, litigations, contracts, privacy, judicial acts and legal opinions. For these, translators are employed, who have expert knowledge of the legal systems of the various countries and are able to produce accurate, precise translations, rapidly and in a highly professional manner.