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Unicredit chooses digital hub bookable with an app

One of the most famous Banking Groups responds to digitization with a smart working project that, first of all, results in a reduction of square meters per employee and a saving of 160 million euro per year. Beyond the money, of course important, the redesign of work spaces also means placing technological innovations that make it possible to bring down Co2 emissions. 

Changes, explains the head of Real Estate Unicredit in Italy, are also the result of new behaviours and habits of employees, studied in the executive offices of Milan, Frankfurt and other European offices. “We studied the employment curves of 1,500 desks and found that 72% were actually controlled by one person and that only 45% was actually used for the job.” – so the experts of UniCredit Business Integrated Solution.

Such field surveys led Unicredit to release its offices from the constraint of the assigned desks; each one not only can take the place deemed most convenient, but also can decide whether to work from the office, from home and from one of the ‘city hub’ that Unicredit is developing. Flexibility also results in the video-conferencing and the opening of virtual offices where even the digital documentation can be shared. This approach also leads to a reduction in the number of working stations and also decreases the propensity to print paper documents. Here is a way to eliminate also bad habits!