Who We Are

A leader in the translation sector, Executive Service Traduzioni was founded in the Nineties with the ambitious aim of supplying sound business support to the vast world of professionals and companies.

Through the internationalisation of markets, translations have become an indispensable tool not only for accessing the great opportunities offered by an increasingly delocalised market, but also for mounting competitiveness among companies from an international perspective.

Thanks to strong know-know and extensive experience accrued over more than 20 years of activity, today Executive Service Traduzioni is able to guarantee a top-level service of translation and interpreting, as regards both competences and technologies.

The Executive Traduzioni Team is made up of specialists, possessing a profound command of Italian, English, Spanish, French and German, and specific competences regarding the principal commodity sectors of professional interest. Experts capable of working on complex projects and translating the needs of every company into professional successes.